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Al Baghdadia TV upgrades news production with Avid. Supplied & Integrated by AV Solutions

Published on Nov 22nd 2015, see full story on:



When Al Baghdadia TV, an independent Iraqi-owned satellite TV network, wanted to overhaul its operations in order to take advantage of file-based HD workflow efficiency, it required a holistic strategy that has seen the broadcaster fully embrace Avid Everywhere.

Headquartered in Cairo since 2005 and serving the Middle East region, Al Baghdadia TV airs two channels: Al Baghdadia, a news-based 24-hour station, and B2, which broadcasts a mix of drama, movies and entertainment. The network also operates studios in Baghdad and in northern Iraq, and plans to expand with further Iraq-based studio facilities.


Zaid Wattar, Managing Director of AV Solutions, commented: “Al Baghdadia TV is a leading Iraqi private news broadcaster with a wide audience base, and is a valuable client of AV Solutions. Al Baghdadia always looks for cutting edge technologies to achieve the quality that their audience is used to receiving from them. Our first Avid Unity and News System installation for the network was back in 2007 in Cairo EMPC, when very few used Avid’s advanced news production and playout in Cairo. Their recent Avid upgrade project was a continuity of technology investment that keeps them among the most successful News Channels in the region. Avid Everywhere and MediaCentral | UX makes users’ daily tasks easier, more efficient, and location-free since they can access iNEWS, Media with Editing, archived material and others from anywhere through a web browser or mobile application. Although upgrading an on-air running channel was a real challenge, AV Solutions represented by Eng. Omar Hussein and his team and the Avid team delivered the system seamlessly with perfect transition from the old system to the new setup.”