Chariots & Dollies


ABC Track System for Dollies


  The ABC tracks have a diameter of 30 mm (1.18 in) and come folded in a length of 83

abc willi-go

ABC Willi-Go Light dolly system

  Compact and light dolly system conceived for quick and easy use, you can mount the light dolly on your own

MT Archo Dolly System (1)

MT Archo Dolly System



Arco Dolly is a hydraulic lift camera dolly characterized by superior stability of the lift-arm thanks to the double strenthening

MT Magnum Dolly System (1)

MT Magnum Dolly System



Modular Dolly System, Expandable from a "Leggero" Basic dolly up to a fully equipped electro-mechanical driven and microprocessor controlled center


MT MasterTrack Aluminum Track System for Dollies

  The one-piece profile of the Master Track System offers a maximum of stiffness in combination with low weight


MT MovieTrack Steel Track System for Dollies

  The steel track is made of high-grade steel with special surface coating. The design and manufacturing of the track tube is focused

mt rocker dolly system (2)8

MT Rocker Dolly System

  An ultra-lightweight dolly with an extensive range of possible applications – developed to put your ideas into the scene even

MT Sprinter Dolly System (1)

MT Sprinter Dolly System



At last, here it is. The brand-new dolly "Sprinter" by Movie Tech. It is featured with a lot of innovations