Audio Mixers

VENUE Mixing Consoles (1)6

VENUE Mixing Consoles


Avid VENUE systems deliver amazing sound quality, reliability, flexibility, and ease of use. Designed with direct input from leading mix


FX16ii Multi-purpose Analog Audio Mixer


The Soundcraft FX16ii offers a combination of powerful live and recording features; each channel has a Direct Output which is

GB Analog Mixers (1)

GB Analog Mixer Series


GB Series of Analog Audio Mixers comes in 4 types.

GB2 is available in frame sizes of 16, 24 and 32


LX7ii Multi-purpose Analog Audio Mixer


The LX7ii continues in the tradition of the highly successful original LX7 in its applications in live performance PA, installed

S5 Fusion Digital Audio Console

S5 Fusion Digital Audio Console



Flexible Audio Mixing Console with EUCON Hybrid Control. S5 Fusion is powerful, flexible, and affordable, high-quality sound audio mixing solution.

Si Expression (1)

Si Expression Series


Soundcraft Si Expression exploits some of the newest DSP, component technology and manufacturing techniques to deliver our most powerful cost

Si Performer (1)

Si Performer Series


Si Performer brings unparalleled mix power and performance to small format digital live sound mixers. Sitting where a plethora of gear


SRP-X100 Compact Rack Mount Audio Mixer



The SRP-X100 Audio Mixer is a multi-purpose mixer designed to provide high quality affordable mixing. Housed in a compact 1U

System 5-B Digital Audio Mixer for Broadcast

System 5-B Digital Audio Mixer for Broadcast



High-performance, scalable, large-format digital audio console for broadcast.

With new HD standards being adopted by TV stations throughout the world, audiences




A complete standalone console package with 32 channels of analogue input to 27 analogue outputs, plus 6 digital inputs, 4