Telephone Interfaces

dhy-03 (1)

DHY-03 Digital Telephone Hybrid

DHY-03 telephone hybrid is probably the best performing digital hybrid in the world, with simply stunning line balance rejection figures.

DHY-04 Automatic Digital TBU

DHY-04 Automatic Digital TBU, AES/EBU & Analogue I/O With Ethernet



The DHY-04 telephone hybrid is an enhanced redesign of the DHY-03, the best performing telephone hybrid in the world. It

DHY-04G Automatic GSM Hybrid

DHY-04G Automatic GSM Hybrid, AES/EBU & Analogue I/O With Ethernet



A new addition to the DHY-04 range is the ability for the DHY-04G version to be used on a GSM


HY-03 Analog Telephone Hybrid

High quality analogue telephone hybrid, which is suitable for most general telephony applications and is often used in radio and