Master Control Switchers & Branding

MC1 Master Control Systems

MC1 Master Control Systems



Affordable, dedicated master control solution, built to meet the demands of 24/7 operation. A dedicated card-based solution provides

Nexio IconLogo

Nexio IconLogo On-Air Channel Branding System

IMAGINE (Harris)


Nexio IconLogo™ provides a high degree of functionality and performance at a low cost — offering broadcasters a

Nexio IconMaster

Nexio IconMaster Master Control Switcher

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cost-effective, modular master control and branding solution, offering the ability to combine critical master control functions with multi-integrated

Nexio IconStation

Nexio IconStation Advanced Channel Branding System

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Nexio IconStation™ simplifies the creation, display and maintenance of a consistent brand, allowing broadcasters to get to air