On Air Graphics & Virtual Sets

augmented reality (1)

Augmented Reality (AR) Virtual Set

A complete Plug-and-Play low-cost solution that delivers network-quality augmented-reality graphics integrated seamlessly into any broadcast environment with no green screen

nexio g8

Nexio G8 On-Air Graphics System

IMAGINE (Harris)
High-Performance, Dual-Channel, HD/SD Broadcast Graphics System. Designed to meet the “big picture” graphics requirements of today’s broadcasters, the Nexio G8™

nexio titleone

Nexio TitleOne™ AE Character Generator

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Cost-Effective, Single-Channel 2D-in-3D Professional Character The Nexio TitleOne™ AE single-channel character generator (CG) provides everything you need to produce superior

viz artist

Viz Artist On-air Graphics Designing Platform

Viz Artist covers all areas of today’s broadcast graphics. It enables designers to build complete virtual sets as well as

viz content pilot

Viz Content Pilot Newsroom Graphics Playout Platform

Viz Content Pilot™ is used by broadcasters worldwide, from major TV networks to local TV stations. Because Viz Content Pilot

viz multichannel

Viz Multichannel Channel Branding Graphics

Viz Multichannel makes it easy to utilize high-quality Vizrt graphics for channel branding. The application simplifies the playout of playlists,

viz ticker 3d

Viz Ticker 3D real-time 3D ticker graphics playout

Viz Ticker3D is an advanced ticker system that makes it possible to build creative and compelling graphic tickers with total

viz trio

Viz Trio On-Air Graphics Playout Platform

Viz Trio is the number one character generator (CG) for live televised events anywhere on the globe. It's the system's

viz video wall

Viz Video Wall Real time graphics playback on Video Walls

Viz Video Wall ER allows to create unique installations that surround the viewer and go far beyond the capacity of

viz virtual studio

Viz Virtual Studio

Viz Virtual Studio™ presents producers with unrivaled possibilities. Complex 2D and 3D virtual sets, which include interactivity, can be easily