Playout Servers


NEXIO AMP Integrated and Shared Storage Transmission Server

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Nexio AMP® is an efficient and integrated server platform for managing digital content. From ingest to playout, the Nexio AMP

nexio farad

Nexio Farad High-Performance Online Storage

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NEXIO Farad™ delivers unprecedented levels of bandwidth and storage to support demanding media workflows. This high-performance online storage system is

nexio media server applications (1)

Nexio Media Server Applications

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Content Management, Synchronization, and Control Applications. Nexio® Media Server Applications deliver a high-performance, easy-to-operate, streamlined solution that meets the demanding

nexio specialty servers

Nexio Specialty Servers

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Production, Ingest, Compressed Stream Servers, Gateways and More. Nexio® specialty servers deliver the exceptional dependability, flexibility and format transparency of the

Nexio Volt

NEXIO Volt Compact 1RU Integrated and Shared Storage Transmission Servers

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The Nexio® Volt™ integrated media server addresses the need for a small form-factor, high-performance baseband video server. It delivers up


VERSIO Integrated Playout Server

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Versio™ is the powerful new force in integrated playout from Imagine Communications. Going beyond the basic server, graphic branding