System 5-B Digital Audio Mixer for Broadcast

Product Details


    High-performance, scalable, large-format digital audio console for broadcast.

    With new HD standards being adopted by TV stations throughout the world, audiences are demanding a higher quality, surround sound experience. Broadcast audio operators also have to handle increasingly complex productions with ease—from news to sports to live show production, in the studio or on the road, with a zero fault tolerance. System 5-B is a standalone, high-performance digital audio mixing system that represents the pinnacle of broadcast digital audio console design to handle any challenge.

    System 5-B surface accommodate up to 450 modular channels, with 4-band EQ, dynamics, and two filters per channel, 8 touch-sensitive knobs and a 100mm motorized fader per channel strip, High-resolution stereo LED meters next to each fader, TFT high-resolution displays per channel for metering (up to 7.1), EQ, dynamics and pan graphs, and routing, Create up to 96 mix busses, 48 group busses, 24 Aux sends, and 72 external inputs


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