Fusion FP-188+ Robotic Pedestal

Product Details

  • The Fusion FP-188+ Robotic and Manual Pedestal is capable of recognizing compact ‘L’ shaped floor targets that offers more precise reference positioning across a wider range of floor finishes.This floor target can also be incorporated into the floor design.The unit’s generous payload of 85kg /188 lbs is capable of supporting an expanded camera/prompter package including the talent-facing vanity monitor often attached to the head during HD production. New differential wheel trucks maximise floor traction to enhance Vinten Radamec’s already unmatched shot stability performance. The quality of performance in manual or robotic mode allows a studio to be used as either fully robotic or fully manual, without compromising the operator’s familiarity with Vinten’s manual pedestals or the Radamec or Autocam robotic user interfaces.The fully continuous steering capability is delivered through the column found on the Quartz pedestal in the Vinten manual studio range, allowing studio pedestal operators to be instantly familiar with the operating benefits of Perfect Balance.
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