Flexiva High Powe Air-Cooled FM Transmitter

IMAGINE (Harris)

Flexiva HPX High-Power Transmitter

Product Details

  • Flexiva HPX High-Power Transmitter for Analog FM and HD Radio. The Flexiva HPX™ series is the next generation in high-power transmission for FM analog and HD Radio™ broadcasting. The Flexiva HPX series covers a range of power levels, with three models offering nominal FM power of 20 kW, 30 kW and 40 kW in a single configuration, and up to 80 kW in a dual configuration. With the most flexible control system available in the market, the Flexiva HPX transmitter has a unique combination of dedicated meters and control circuits for rock-solid and simple control, coupled with an optional user-friendly remote monitor and control system that features a color GUI.
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