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Ross Video and Evertz announce a collaboration to add 10GE IP interfaces with ASPEN support for Ross Video’s flagship Acuity series of production switchers

Ross Video and Evertz announce a collaboration to add 10GE IP interfaces with ASPEN support for Ross Video’s flagship Acuity series of production switchers.  The collaboration between the two industry leaders allows for the realization of an IP-based broadcast production facility.

Ross Video, regarded as at the forefront of production systems technology, is adding hybrid IP I/O as an option for its large format production switchers.  The benefits of IP-based production are of great interest to many broadcasters.  With the addition of 10GE interfaces on the Ross Acuity Production Switcher family, broadcasters have an opportunity to combine traditional SDI infrastructure with state-of-the-art IT centric hardware and software to produce programming.

Ross’ Acuity production switchers can be directly connected to Evertz Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) high capacity switching cores, the 3080IPX and EXE-VSR using 10GbE interfaces.  This removes the need for external gateway modules and simplifying the installation and signal management in the production environment.

David Ross, Ross Video CEO, said: “We’re proud to be a partner in this innovative project to deliver Ross state-of-the-art Production Switching with Evertz designed, delivered and deployed IP solutions.”

The use of ASPEN, an open format currently submitted to SMPTE for publication as a Registered Disclosure Document (RDD 37), is a key element of the collaboration.  ASPEN offers a robust format for encapsulating uncompressed Ultra HD/3G/HD/SD over MPEG-2 transport streams (TS).  ASPEN when combined with SMPTE 302M (Audio over TS) and SMPTE 2038M (Ancillary data over TS), broadcasters can seamlessly switch uncompressed video and audio over an IP network.  Many leading broadcasters are actively deploying the ASPEN format as it provides them with a flexible method of transporting video, audio, and data over scalable IP networks.

”Working with innovative partners like Ross Video to incorporate native support for 10GbE/ASPEN provides tremendous system flexibility, and reduces system complexity and cost for our customers.  We are excited to have Ross Video Production Switchers as part of the growing open interoperable IP ecosystem” says Rakesh Patel, CTO of Evertz Microsystems.

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Spectra Logic Announces Spectra Verde DPE NAS Disk Platform Offers Lowest Cost Bulk Storage with New SMR Drive Technology

Spectra Logic, the deep storage experts, today unveiled Spectra Verde DPE, a new Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR)-based NAS disk platform designed to provide high-density bulk storage for reliable, high-capacity digital preservation, at costs as low as 9 cents per gigabyte raw.

Verde DPE (Digital Preservation Enterprise), based on the proven technology of the Verde disk platform, utilizes the newest SMR disk technology and is optimized by Spectra Logic’s unique ZFS implementation. Verde DPE simplifies the interface to ZFS with an intuitive user interface and simple installation, while being designed for maximum cost effectiveness.

“Verde DPE combines our 35 years of deep storage expertise with the latest in disk technology providing the most affordable way to preserve digital assets forever,” said Spectra Logic Chief Executive Officer, Nathan C. Thompson. “We will always provide our customers with best-in-class solutions and superior customer support for total confidence in the safety of their data.”

With SMR technology – the lowest cost spinning media currently available – and Spectra’s unique implementation of ZFS software RAID, Verde DPE provides unmatched data integrity with RAID Z3 triple parity, automatic rebuild to global spare drives, continuous data checksum, and asynchronous replication. The built-in NFI portal provides an S3 link to Spectra tape libraries through theBlackPearl™ Deep Storage Gateway, creating a genetically diverse storage strategy.

“The Verde, which we tested in DeepStorage Labs, performed well with the sequential workloads it was designed for. Verde DPE improves on the original Verde, boosting performance with cache while retaining the Verde virtues of high data reliability and the very affordable cost of just 9 cents per GB,” said DeepStorage Founder and Chief Scientist, Howard Marks. “We view Verde DPE as a top choice for those workloads.”

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Grass Valley Introduces GV Node — a Broadcast-centric IP Processing Platform for Vertically Accurate Switching at IBC 2015

Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, debuts at IBC 2015 the world's first true, real-time IP processing platform, GV Node. Offering multipurpose video and audio processing, vertically accurate switching and IP aggregation, GV Node is a critical next step in the growth of Grass Valley's Glass-to-Glass IP solution for broadcasters, enabling them to apply the unprecedented flexibility of IP in more applications throughout their workflows. GV Node allows broadcasters to combine many of the advantages of a data center model with the specific requirements of a live broadcast production environment.

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AJA Releases New openGear® Compatible Rack Cards and Frame at IBC 2015

AJA Video Systems today unveiled a new range of video and audio rackframe cards for use in standard openGear frames or AJA’s new OG-3 frame. openGear is an open-architecture, modular frame system designed by Ross Video and supported by a diverse range of terminal equipment manufacturers, which now includes AJA.

New openGear compatible cards from AJA include the OG-1x9-SDI-DA, a 1x9 SDI re-clocking distribution amplifier; the OG-FIBER-2R, a 2-channel fiber to SDI converter; and the OG-FIBER-2T, a 2-channel SDI to fiber converter. The new OG-3-FR is a 2RU, 20-slot openGear frame that can support any openGear-compatible card.

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Grass Valley to Offer 4K 1-Wire Capability for Cameras and Switchers at IBC 2015

Broadcasters around the world are focused on the exciting opportunities for enhanced content and efficiency offered by 4K and IP solutions, but are struggling to deal with the increased infrastructure required to handle the signals. At IBC 2015, Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, is unveiling a suite of products that provide support for 4K 1-wire transmission. Rather than requiring four 3G wires to carry an HD or 4K signal, the Grass Valley solutions use the award-winning TICO 4:1 visually lossless compression from intoPIX to carry a high-quality signal across a single wire.`

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